Storage units Wodonga

Storage units provide temporary storage for those who want to relocate to new homes or apartments and those who want to renovate the home buildings. Of importance is the safety of your goods, items, and valuables until they are returned to place safely and in condition, or installed into the new homes/ apartment at the right time for your convenience.

Tips and hints on how to save money and time on your storage needs

Follow the following hints and tips for better storage and peace of mind concerning your valuables and items deposited in a storage company.

  1. Pack your items in storage units using cartons and large packaging units that will harbour many items into one storage unit to reduce the number of countable units to be stored. Only ensure you seal them with tamper-proof to ensure the safety of your items from unscrupulous employees of a company. Consider putting together items that blend well without issues label fragile items with a visible fragile notice on the cartons so that people handling such items handle them with the care it deserves. Putting them into units will make them manageable for you and those handling them for you.
  2. While choosing a storage company, whether for long-term or short-term storage needs, negotiate and bargain with the company beforehand and don’t forget to ask for discounted prices beforehand, and ensure to deposit the agreement with the advocate especially if the engagement with the company will be for a long term. In case any dispute arises during the course, the advocate will stand in for you in a court of law.
  3. Ensure that the storage company will provide you with the private storage space before commitment, the private space with lock and key will ensure that your items and goods will not mix up with other clients’ items which may lead to displacement and confusion. Private space will also limit the number of people accessing your goods and items further strengthening the security of your valuables from unauthorised access.
  4. Ensure the company is insured with a comprehensive cover so that in case of emergencies like fire outbreaks or burglary, you still rest assured that your goods and items will be compensated for.
  5. Do a background check on the type of staff the company has employed, are they well-trained? Do they professionally perform their duties? What their core values are? Their business tag line and their code of ethics, if they uphold best practices. This will give you the courage and confidence to trust them to handle your valuables.
  6. Before coming into an agreement to lease Albury Wodonga Storage units, ensure that they have in place state-of-the-art security features like CCTV surveillance available 24/7 and intruder alarms, at least you are assured of the best security to your hard-earned property.

Things not to store with the storage company

In as much as they would like to keep everything for you, there are other things that the law does not allow them to handle, for example; illegal goods like contraband, stolen property – if they are found with stolen goods they will be held liable, so they ask you to produce receipts of the suspected items. Other goods like inflammable petroleum products like gasoline, diesel, and paraffin will not be accepted. Chlorine, acids, paint, explosives and other environmentally hazardous goods and perishable items will be admitted.