Local Suppliers

Why buy locally?

A few things you may have not know about COEM Audio Australia

  • Australian owned and run
  • Established in 2005 and based in sunny Queensland =)
  • We only sell products we see fit and would want to own ourselves


Why we think you should buy from us:

  • All products come with a 1-year LOCAL warranty, and our service technicians are based in Brisbane
  • Because we have such high confidence in our products, every item stock comes with a 30-day money back guarantee
  • We respond to all emails promptly and provide as much information as possible
  • COEM Audio Australia are friendly and share your enthusiasm about Hi-Fi
  • Our prices are competitive to local retailers, even compared to private or grey importing!
  • All our products are made for 240V power, not 220V as most imported models come in


Ordering Direct From China – The Dirty Secrets They Don’t Tell you!

When it comes to grey importing Hi-Fi directly from China, there are many underlying risks you take. So before you decide on placing your order from a China based seller, the following are some facts on the matter.

  • Grey importers only offer warranty for DOA (Death On Arrival), even then you’ll have to pay to get it shipped back
  • Hidden costs associated with importing expensive goods
  • If you need any repair work, it’ll have to be sent back to China
  • No quality assurance from the seller

( – ) Everybody perceives that you can generally purchase goods overseas at a lower price. But are you as the consumer aware of the hidden expenses and extra charges not mentioned by other sellers?

( + ) At COEM Audio Australia, there are no hidden costs with all our products.

( – ) Such expenses include duty tax, GST, customs fees and brokerage charge, not to HUGE freight costs involved with bulky and heavy items. All these expenses will add up and the lower initial price is not quite as attractive.

( + ) COEM Audio Australia has already handled all these costs, and there is nothing for you to worry about.

Here is an example:

You purchase an amplifier for the advertised price of $1000USD ($1300AUD), shipping is $300USD. Payment is by bank transfer and your bank will charge you $30AUD transfer fee and $20AUD currency conversion fee.

Total costs so far – $1740AUD (and it hasn’t reached Australian shores)

Once landed in Australia your amplifier will be required to go through Australian Customs for inspection. The freight company (eg FedEX, DHL, UPS) will charge you $65AUD for Customs clearance and brokerage. On top of this, duty tax and GST will be applied.

This is how duty taxes are calculated:

5% duty tax charged on the $1000USD = $50USD = $65AUD
10% GST charged on the $1300USD = $130USD = $169AUD

Total costs – $2039AUD

The initial price was $1300AUD, but in the end it will cost you $2039AUD!

( – ) Say you could purchase the same exact amplifier locally from an official dealer for $2200, and the one you bought for $2039 needs to be returned for repairs you have to fork out $780 to ship it to the seller and back. The savings made by purchasing overseas is outweighed by this single warranty claim.

( + ) All products supplied by COEM Audio Australia are supported by the manufacturers and local warranty, this means you don’t have to ship it out of the country.

( – ) There are complications involved with shipping a heavy and complex piece of equipment half way around the world. There is a chance some damage will occur during transit and you will need to pay for it to get shipped back.

( + ) Shipping for large items is handled by a renowned and trusted courier, you can be assured your goods will not get damaged during transit. All shipments are tracked and insured.

( – ) Purchasing from overseas sellers can be a frightening experience and why shouldn’t it be? How do you know that this seller can be trusted with your hard earned money? The truth is that it’s very difficult to differentiate between a trusted seller and a dodgy one.

( + ) COEM Audio Australia is a locally owned and operated business. We have a showroom located in Brisbane, and anyone is more then welcome to come visit us. In addition to this, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on ALL of our product

( – ) All products purchased overseas are indefinitely 240V. This isn’t good enough for Australian use and will causes problems down the track. This heavily applies to tube/valve products.

( + ) All tube/valve products imported through COEM Audio Australia are specifically produced to suite Australia’s 240V standard. Electrical safety is very important in tube/valve amplifiers because voltages can reach up to 1000V!! You really dont want to mess around when it comes to things like this. We make it a high priority that all our tube/valve amplifiers abide to Australias strict rules and regulations.

Some CE certificates for Ming Da amplifiers.