About Us

COEM Audio Australia is run and owned by John. I reside and operate COEM Audio from sunny Brisbane, and have been doing so since 2005.

Our Goal

We are both very passionate about music, so when it comes to Hi-Fi our goal is to achieve the “Musical Experience”. It doesn’t matter how audio savvy you are, our highest priority is to help anyone enjoy their music experience. When it comes to building your Hi-Fi system, we value your opinion as it’s the most important factor!

Business Structure

Our pricing may surprise some, especially for the quality. We are able to offer these products at such competitive prices because we don’t operate like a normal Hi-Fi retailer.

• Since COEM Audio is run solely online, this gives us an advantage over traditional establishments because we have much lower overheads.
• Most of the products we offer are imported directly from the manufacturer, this eliminates all the additional costs associated when purchasing from regular Hi-Fi retailers.

We don’t believe in ridiculous mark-ups, so all the savings are passed onto you!


unnecessary markups - save money by buying locally