The advantages of void formers in the construction business

There have been several innovations in the construction industry that help improve the efficiency, durability and sustainability of a project. Amongst these advancements is the use of void formers.

Although, void formers are seen as being insignificant, but they have a powerful role in redefining the way a structure is constructed. These are important components that are placed in the concrete structure as voids or cavities  deliver several benefits which have completely revolutionised construction methodology.

There are several advantages of using void formers. These include the following.

Void formers can enhance the structural integrity of the building

  • Void formed can significantly reduce the weight of a concrete structure and at the same time fortify its inherent strength. These structures are incorporated strategically by construction engineers to optimise the use of raw materials which results in lighter but robust structures.
  • Usually, the solid concrete structures had to bear the weight entirely which led to excessive load on the foundation and the support systems. On the other hand with the use of void formers, the concrete slabs undergo a large amount of weight reduction. This in turn results in cost savings and also optimises the use of concrete without compromising the structural integrity.
  • Using void formers creates hollow spaces within the concrete and allows for the integration of reinforcing materials. this reinforcement enhances the strength of the structure resulting in the reduced weight coexisting with better durability.

It helps in preventing soil settlement

  • Void formers ensure the stability and longevity of buildings by preventing soil settlement.In the absence of these formers the concrete slabs would create significant pressure on the underlying soil which might lead it to sinking over time. This could be a grave threat to the structural integrity of the buildings and might result in cracks and shifts.
  • When the void formers are placed strategically, the pressure exerted on the concrete is distributed evenly. This dispersion of weight can reduce the risk of soil settlement and helps preserve the stability of the structure thus safeguarding it against potential damages in the long run.

 Void formers increase cost efficiency and sustainability

  • Efficiently using concrete in the construction with the help of void formers help reduce the cost and minimise the environmental impact. It is a great way of optimising the use of materials and ensuring a cost-effective solution.
  • Void formers align with sustainable building practices by minimising the usage of resources and reducing waste.

Void formers can accelerate the construction process

  • Formers can help facilitate faster construction by streamlining the process and reducing labour. It is a great way to save time and complete a project well before it’s due date.
  • Void formers are easy to install and contribute to efficient project timelines.
  • Project managers make use of void formers to adapt to different architectural designs thus offering flexibility in construction.
  • The use of void formers allows the building to be constructed in different soil conditions thus enhancing their versatility.

Void formers can bolster the structural integrity by reducing the weight and also reinforce the strength to safeguard against soil settlement. Placing these within the concrete structures not only optimises material usage but it can also reduce the cost thus contributing to sustainability and longevity of the buildings.

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