The Many Benefits of Aluminum Acoustic Louvers

Do you want to make your work place more efficient and reduce the noise emitted by the heating and cooling systems used in buildings? The resulting noise which escapes from the vents and openings in the buildings can be a cause of great deal of disturbance. Acoustic louvers can help lower the noise and improve the productivity within your work space.

Not only that acoustic louvers have other benefits as well, one of these is to improve the aesthetic appeal of your space. The right kind of louver can enhance the look of your building as well as provide the correct noise solutions.

Louvers are designed from a variety of materials like galvanized steel and aluminum. Most of these louvers are customized specifically to suit the needs of various buildings both personal and commercial. The variety of material is one of the major factors which determines the cost of a louver. If budget is not an issue make sure you keep the following things in mind before buying acoustic louvers.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing acoustic louvers

Acoustic louvers come with their own set of benefit. However before you go about purchasing one, make sure to look out for the following things

  • These louvers are available in different materials and variety. Each has a few benefits which can actually fit the custom needs of different buildings and purposes.
  • The louvers made from galvanized steel and aluminum are weather proof and resistant to rust as well. Though slightly more expensive than other material louvers, these give best value for money.
  • The louvers should be probe to even the toughest weather conditions. Even if you have to pay extra you should consider it important to buy only the ones which are best quality.
  • The material used to fill in the louver should be noncombustible. This reduces any instance of a fire hazard and keep your workers safe.
  • The infill should also be vermin proof. Since louvers have ventilations and openings, it’s common for rodents to make home in those openings. If the infill is vermin proof the louver would last longer and prevent unnecessary growth of pests.
  • If the noise emitted from the HVAC units is above certain decibels it would be advisable to use double banked versions. However if the noise isn’t a great deal, then single banked versions work just as well.
  • For louvers used in extreme weather conditions it is important to install weather stops in the louvers which prevent the entry of rain and snow inside.
  • The underside should be made up of perforated splitters to reduce the noise at a maximum level by absorbing the sound fully.
  • The louvers should be designed to look aesthetically appealing because they improve the value of your space and make it look more attractive.
  • The louvers should be detachable so that they can be removed and reused with ease.

Are you looking for the best acoustic louvers which offer great value for money? Look no further. Make sure you contact a specialised team for the best designs and varieties of acoustic louvers.