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- By Mal

QLS QA-550
- By Thomas

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QLS QA-550

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The QLS QA-550 remote digital WAV transport is designed from the ground up to be a very high-end audiophile audio playback solution. Forget your old, bulky and fragile CD transport / player, which is based on technology that is over 20 year old.

No matter what the quality of your CD transport / player is, its probably not going to come close to offering the same performance as this compact, futuristic little gadget. Utilising cheap and widely available SD memory cards that can each store up to 16gb of uncompressed WAV files, the CD is a thing of the past.

The ideal CD transport is not a CD transport, its one of these WAV SD transports.

Reasons why the QA-550 is better than a traditional CD transport...

  • No moving parts to wear out. Consistant performance every time!
  • Won't suffer from stability issues caused by dust, dirt or smoke
  • No reason to take your valueble CDs out of their cases each time you want to listen
  • WAV files are error corrected so don't need real time error correction unlike CDs
  • Far less jitter than most CD transports / players, even very pricey ones. Sounds better
  • Totally resistant to vibrations. No skipping nor any need to keep on expensive Hi-Fi rack
  • High Accuracy system clock ensures jitter level is miniscule
  • Whole box sets of your favourite CD music collections can be captured in glorious, uncompressed WAV format onto a tiny SD card no bigger than a postage stamp!
  • Can be used to play music for extended periods for equipment "burn ins". No mechanical parts such as lasers or motors to wear out

About WAVs...

WAV files are the favourite format choice of people who can't bear the sonic difficiencies of the lossy compressed MP3 format yet want to store, preserve and playback treasured CD collections from their computer hard disk drives.

Up until now, these people would simply be content to use their computer as their main Hi-Fi source component.

Whilst excellent at converting CDs to WAV files, the PC / Mac is still not the ideal music plackback device. The majority if PCs don't have the best powersupplies and are absolutly packed with noisy, interference inducing components. Multiple noisy fans buzz away constantly and due to components fighting over limited resources, "pops" and stutters on the audio are not uncommon.

In these days of hugely expensive utility bills, the electricity consumed in putting a computer to use for considerable periods just for music playback is also quite considerable as is wear and tear to the hardisks.

Reasons why the QA-550 is a better music transport than a PC...

  • Silent (no moving parts)
  • Powered by dedicated 9v dc linear power supply. Helps reduce jitter
  • No pops stutters or audio glitches (assuming that WAVs were extracted with love by EAC)
  • Uses nowhere near the amount of energy that a PC needs
  • Far more compact than even the smallest laptop PC
  • Useful remote control functionality


  • Plays 44.1kHz 16-bit WAV files
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Supports up to 55 folders (up to 550 music tracks)
  • Remote control allows easy access to folders. It also allows direct track access by directly typing in track numbers.
  • Supports both FAT16 and FAT32 file system
  • Supports most types of SD memory cards (SD / SDHC 1Gb-16Gb)
  • Firmware update file download:
  • Short signal path
  • Precision Clock -4 pin high accuracy crystal clock 2ppm 11.2896Mhz TCXO
  • Low jitter - The use of a low-jitter clock and power driver circuit ensures clean and stable clock signal
  • Uses high-quality components like Sanyo OS-CON capacitors, AMS1117-3.3, MC7805, 74VHC04, CS8405, ect..
  • Power - 9V DC, 9V or 12V batteries can also be used
  • Stylish, strong aluminium chassis
  • Digital Outputs - Coaxial 75 ohms, Optical Toslink, I2S output pads available on PCB (advanced users only.Voids Warranty)
  • Dimensions - 8.1cm Width x 2.4cm Depth x 13.5cm Length
  • Weight - 230g
  • Package weight including power supply is 750g

Comes complete with...

  • User Manual
  • Remote Control
  • 2GB SD Card
  • USB2 SD Card Reader / Writer
  • 9V DC Linear Power Supply



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